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the farming mums is Fresh wholesome food created by two mums who care about where their produce comes from and what they feed their families. Our range of granolas, preserves & jams provide you with an opportunity to serve your family delicious, seasonal food straight from the farm.

Our focus is on creating handmade products with no artificial ingredients or flavours using seasonal products grown on our farms.

The fruit that goes into our granolas and jams is freshly picked from our farms making it a true paddock to plate experience.

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We are two mums who have a passion for growing quality ingredients, and creating wholesome, natural products that our families love to eat.

Our farm at Bacchus Marsh grows strawberries, raspberries, cherries, apples, nectarines and peaches while our farm at Birregurra has lemons, apples, quince and plums. We have recently added a third farm in the grampians so watch this space!

The Farming Mums began as we were looking to add value to all the excess produce harvested from our farms each year, and create products that focused on the quality of the ingredients, without adding anything artificial.

Our range is seasonal, reflecting what is growing on our farms at the time of production. We have no fruit in winter – so our winter cacao granola doesn’t have any in it either!

All of our granolas, jams and cordials are handmade and if we don’t grow the ingredients, we make sure to source them from the best producers we can find


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