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What to do with preserved lemons!

The Farming Mums preserved lemons

Possibly the most surprisingly popular product in our range is the preserved lemons. These beauties fly off the shelves so quickly our poor orchard can’t keep up.

However, we are often asked: What do I do with them?

There are so many uses for preserved lemons. They are much richer and milder than regular lemon, and add a delicious vibrant flavour to salads, sauces, marinades and even desserts.

My two go to recipes for preserved lemons are mixing it through any roast vegetable salads, and using it to marinade lamb.

Simply take a couple of pieces out of the jar, scrape the flesh away from the rind and dice up the rind finely. Mix it through any vegetable or pasta salad to add a lovely lemon flavour without too much acidity, or add to garlic, rosemary, olive oil and cracked pepper for a magic marinade for any cut of lamb.


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